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Do you want to know more about Gina Homolka from Skinnytaste? Keep reading…

on February 1, 2012

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Gina Homolka, of the award winning blog, Skinnytaste.  I am sure most of you (if not all of you) have visited for her delicious, low fat recipes.  Whether or not you follow the Weight Watchers plan, or just want to eat healthier, Skinnytaste is the place to go for healthy recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor.  I can attest that I have made so many of Gina’s recipes and they were all delicious! I often refer my clients to Skinnytaste to prove that healthy food can taste yummy.  You don’t need to eat boring, bland food to be healthy!

Gina started Skinnytaste back in 2008 when she simply wanted to make recipes healthier.  Now, Gina has been featured in many major magazines, and even won the coveted Shape Magazine Most Healthy Eating Blog 2011 award.  Try some of her recipes and you will see why 🙂

Lauren Kelly:  I know you were a graphic designer before you became this award winning recipe blogger.  How did you transition into this field?

Gina Homolka:  It started as hobby (borderline obsession), and I just loved doing this. I never dreamed it would be a full time career.

LK:  Have you always been interested in healthy eating?

GH:  Yes, I’ve been interested in a healthy diet for many years, I’d like to be around for many years and what we put in our bodies make a difference.

LK:  What is a typical breakfast for you?

GH:  I’m not a breakfast person so I just eat to fuel myself until lunch. This week it’s been Green Monster Smoothies every morning. My new obsession. ( Otherwise, a yogurt and fruit or whole grain bread and fruit… and always coffee.

LK:  If you could have one dessert, which would you prefer, sweet or salty?  Name your favorite please.

GH:  My favorite desserts are fruit cobblers and crisps, so I guess you can say a mix of both sweet and salty.

LK:  Your pictures are beautiful.  Have you always been into photography?

GH:  Thank you! I’ve always appreciated photography, and working in my field worked with many professional photographers. But no, I only started taking decent photos a few years ago and I still think I have a lot to learn. But it’s fun trying!

LK:  Do you exercise? If so, what is your favorite exercise and how many workouts do you fit in each week with your busy lifestyle?

GH:  Since having my baby who is now 2 and making Skinnytaste a full time job, time is scarce so I don’t work out as much as I like to.   I’ve taken kettle bell classes recently and loved the results. I also love Zumba and yoga. I do cardio at my gym such as the elliptical, stair master and the treadmill.

LK:  Where did you learn how to cook?  Have you always been this creative?

GH:  My parents both cooked in my home growing up and I learned from them. I grew up eating lots of ethnic dishes with a father from Czech and a mother from Colombia. I have family in many countries and have learned many dishes from them.
I also cooked my way through many cookbooks when I was younger and still learning. I don’t think I’ve always been creative, I think that came later.

LK:  I know you have won many awards for your amazing blog.  Which one was the most special for you?

GH:  They are all equally special to me, I was flattered to win them and grateful for the votes.

LK:  How many times a week do you manage to cook for your family?

GH:  Just about every night. Everything I blog, we eat. And on the nights I don’t blog, I still cook. On the weekends I take a break and we go out to eat or eat out at a friend’s house.

LK:  I know you have  a young daughter, is she a picky eater? If so, can you offer suggestions on how to deal with that?

GH:  Yes, my two yr old is a really good eater, but she knows what she likes and doesn’t like. I have a teenager who used to be very picky as a kid and is still a bit picky but has been more open to trying new things each year and now she’s pretty good about eating everything.
I really don’t stress about it. I put a variety of different food on her plate and sometimes she eats it all, and other times she pushes aside the things she doesn’t like. Overall, she eats a ton of fruit all day, yogurt, milk, and most of the food I make so I know she is eating healthy. She loves edamame, corn, raw broccoli, cucumbers and bell peppers so I make it a point to give her what I know she’ll eat. New discovery… she loves the Green Monster Smoothie which has spinach in it, so now I got her to eat spinach!

LK:  What would be your most important tip for your readers who are trying to eat healthier?

GH:  You don’t have to give up eating the food you love. You just need to learn how to prepare them healthier and that doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. For some it can be as simple as making the meals yourself where you have complete control into how much fat and sodium you put into them. Always add a vegetable into any dish you make. Throw peas into your rice, or spinach into your meatballs, etc. Small steps to adding more vegetables to your diet.

LK:  Can you name your own top 3 recipes?

GH:  I love the Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Chicken Enchiladas and Arroz con Pollo just to name a few.
Thanks again Gina!  Can’t wait to make some more of your amazing recipes in the future 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the interview : )

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