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Can you answer this question…honestly?

on May 17, 2012

What is your favorite part of YOUR body?

 Is it difficult for you to answer that?

Why are we so hard on ourselves?  We are so busy comparing ourselves to others and feeling negative that we don’t even appreciate the beauty of what we have.  We need to APPRECIATE our own bodies.

How many of us can honestly say that we LOVE ourselves and our bodies?

Negative self talk not only ruins your confidence, but it can also damage your relationships at home or at work.  Be kind to yourself.  Say one positive thing about yourself each day.

Think it’s too hard to change your ‘tude?  It’s not.  Start by saying “thank you” when someone gives you a compliment. Why is that so hard for us to do?? (Myself included!)

After you tell your friend “thank you” because she said that your hair looks great, or that your top is cute or that your butt looks great in those jeans 🙂 , start fueling your body with HEALTHY foods.  You WILL feel better.  And yes, it really is that easy!


8 responses to “Can you answer this question…honestly?

  1. Sherry Baird says:

    i have struggled with weight all my life and at the age of almost 57, I am still at it. i lost weigh a while back to only regain it but I have come to my miserable point and can’t take it anymore. I am now on my way back to where I feel the best and function better. I know it is a lifestyle change but it is one habit that has been an all our war but I also know that the war is in my mind and the that is were the battle is fought. Thanks for sharing Sherry Baird

  2. Great post! I am so hard in myself that sometimes I just give up and don’t care. My friend says I see myself different than what everyone else sees. Funny how our eyes and mind can play tricks like that. Right now I see disappointment in myself because I ate BAD! I did your detox and felt great and than I had to go away for work and everyone loves to eat and drink. I had one drink on the whole trip, but I over did eating and I know I gained weight. I did exercise two of the three days. But starting right at this moment I’m going to breakfast and I’m ordering a veggie egg white omelet and have some fruit on the side. I need to do this. Thanks for posting this, I’m really going to try to be easier on myself and set personal goals so I have something to achieve and than reward.

  3. Thank you so much for this! It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with along my fitness journey. I really want to beat the Negative Self Talk so that I can be fully healthy and maintain a fit life. 🙂

  4. What a great post! I followed the link from your Facebook post…I am happy there are people out there like you, Lauren, people who love what they do: helping others to stay healthy. That might sound kinda sappy but you hit a string with me. I see so many people suffering and wanting to make changes. It is obvious that you get the big picture. It IS all about appreciating what we have and getting rid of the negative self-talk…I struggle with that too. I have learned that loving your body really does help, and that loving ourselves is the greatest gift we can give our family and friends. BTW, I prepared your ‘Mexican Lentil Salad with Lime and Cilantro’ recipe, it was delicious! Thanks!

  5. Yes, I agree, great post! I followed the link from your Facebook post…I am so happy that there are people out there like you, Lauren, people that love to help people stay healthy! Sounds kinda sappy I know, but you hit a string with me with your FB post. I see so many people struggling with self-esteem issues. It really IS about appreciating what you have and staying away from the negative self-talk. Loving ourselves and our bodies is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, it makes us happier, more productive, and available to help others on their journey. It also helps us stay on our own tracks! Btw, I prepared your ‘Mexican Lentil Salad with Lime and Cilantro’, it was delicious!

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