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Sundried Tomato Artichoke Arugula Chia Pasta with White Beans *Vegan*

on July 2, 2012

I was so thrilled when the Al Dente Pasta company sent me three bags of their bona chia pastas that are made with….wait for it….CHIA!  Isn’t that amazing?  You know how much I LOVE chia and now they’ve made pasta with it?  GENUIS!  Chia is an amazing seed that is packed with antioxidants and fiber.  Each serving has 4 grams of heart healthy fiber and 7 grams of protein.   And it only took 3 minutes to cook!  What else can you ask for? 🙂

I used the bona chia fettucine for the recipe below.  It came out FANTASTIC!  It was a hit with the whole family!

Do you like what you see?  You can win this 3 pack of bona chia pastas too!  Please follow these instructions to enter:

  1. Must go to my Facebook page and “like” me  here 
  2. Must go to Al Dente Pasta and “like” them here.  Let them know I sent you 🙂
  3. Comment on this blog and my Facebook page and tell me why you would like to try bona chia pasta!

One lucky winner will be picked by random on Friday July 6 at 12:00 am EST.  Must be U.S. resident.

Ok, now it’s time to share my YUMMY, VEGAN recipe!

Sundried Tomato Artichoke Arugula Chia Pasta with White Beans


1 bag bona chia pasta

2 cups of vegetable broth (you can also use chicken if you’d like but it wouldn’t be vegan)

2 cups chopped mushrooms

1 cup sliced sundried tomatoes (I used tomatoes NOT in oil)

1 can of artichoke hearts (or frozen) throughly rinsed and drained

3 cups of arugula ( I like A LOT of arugula 🙂 )

1 can small white beans, rinsed thoroughly and drained

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 Tablespoon grapeseed oil


1.  Place oil and garlic in saute pan and let simmer for 1-2 minutes until it softens.

2.  Add sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and beans and let simmer for 3-4 minutes until they soften.

3.  Add broth and let simmer for a few minutes.  Add arugula at the end.  Mix and remove from heat.  (You do not want the arugula to get too soft)

4.  Cook bona chia pasta according to instructions (Note, this pasta only take 3 minutes to make!!)

5.  Drain pasta and mix with broth and veggie mixture.  Top with shaved parmesan if you’d like (again, it’s not vegan then)

So if you’d like to try these AMAZING bona chia pastas, enter TODAY!!  Thanks again Al Dente Pasta for


45 responses to “Sundried Tomato Artichoke Arugula Chia Pasta with White Beans *Vegan*

  1. Kelly Schaefer says:

    I already “like” you on FB plus emails from your blog posts. I also liked Al Dente and posted the message. I would love to win and try these! Many thanks!

  2. sonya engelke says:

    looks yummy! Would love to try chia pasta:-)

  3. I love you on Facebook and I liked Chia Pasta! Your recipe sounds so delicious I have to try it!! Nettie

  4. OOOPPPsie I meant to say I liked Al Dente Pasta on Facebook!!! Nettie

  5. I have never eaten Chia before and would love to try it Lauren!! Nettie

  6. debbie says:

    I love your blog & LOVE Chia as well. Use it in as many different ways I possibly can. Would lOVE to try this pasta & your delicious looking recipe! YUM.

  7. Nena says:

    The bona chia pasta you made looks absolutely delicious!! I can’t wait to make this by winning!!
    I already like your fb page, and went over to al dente 🙂 thank you for all your wonderful recipes.

  8. Wanna try cuz I luv the name!! xo

  9. Christy says:

    Love all the new products you’ve introduced me to! We are a pasta loving family and I’m on a mission to find a healthy pasta. This might just be the winner! I look forward to trying it soon!

  10. I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love all the healthy goodness that chia provides and I love trying new things!

  11. Nereida Martinez says:

    Pasta, cooked in 3 minutes, loaded with protein? I’m down.

  12. April Devitt says:

    I would really love to try this product. As I am only one day one of your JUMP START, I am already missing my pasta. Pasta is a staple in our house. I loved it even more the next day fried up in butter.

    I would love to try this to help me eliminate the bad pasta I have been consuming. Do you have any other alternative products you could recommend?

  13. kelly howard says:

    I would so loved to try this pasta! My husband is Italian and of course loves pasta but I’m trying to get him to eat healthier. This and your recipe would really help me try! 🙂

  14. Hi Lauren…Okay, I love pasta…and I love chia seeds, that seems like a good enough reason to want to try it!! Plus, I totally trust your judgement. I am so excited too, because I saw on bona chia pasta’s FB page that they are in MI too. 😀

  15. * I meant to say Al Dente Pasta’s FB page!!

  16. Linda says:

    After seeing this on your FB page, I went to the local Lowe’s Foods, they only have the traditional al dente pastas, are not stocking the chia. We are going to Italy with a large group of friends and I would love to cook this for them before our trip!!

  17. Cindy Hendrix says:

    You never cease to amaze me. This pasta made with Chia rocks!!! I love your recipe with the fettucine. Very smart what they created making this type of pasta. It will be a big hit!!!

  18. onenightowl says:

    Hi Lauren, I made one reply but was not logged in and am not sure if there is a delay before it shows. So, testing 1 2 3.-:)

  19. onenightowl says:

    Awe ha….open sesame worked:) I just wanted to say you never cease to amaze me with such delicious, quick and healthy meals and now this pasta with Chia rocks!! I would love to try it and will definitely promote it. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I’m so glad I browsed over tonight to see what was cooking and surprise I see this new Al Dente Pasta. The recipe looks soooo good!!!

  20. Judy says:

    I already like you on facebook, but I “liked” the Al Dente page as well. I’m really looking forward to finding these. I’m trying to live a new lifestyle of clean eating, but I really miss pasta. I live in a small town, so don’t hold out much hope in finding any here, but next time I head to the city, I’ll be looking! (BTW…really enjoy your emails. Glad I subscribed!)

  21. Patty says:

    I would love to try Al Dente Pasta. It looks amazing.

  22. mia reiter says:

    I could think of a million ways to use chia pasta. Wish me luck!

  23. healthyyou72 says:

    I still have not tried Chia, but I finally found it at my grocery store:-) The pasta sounds fantastic…..would it be bad to throw some yummy Alfredo sauce over it, LOL! I love your recipe, it sounds so hearty and delicious:-) Hugs, Terra

  24. Crystal Franklin says:

    I would love to try this pasta as I am always looking for new dinner ideas for the entire family to enjoy. With my daughter’s food allergies, this isn’t always easy. But this is something that we could all have and I do believe it would be DELICIOUS!!

  25. I LOVE chia seeds!!! I can’t wait to try this scrumptious pasta, Lauren! Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  26. mom2dagny says:

    I’m very curious about these little chia seeds, have never tried. thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. I would love to try this pasta because I am addicted to Chia seeds and think they would be excellent in a pasta dish!

  28. Andi says:

    I lvoe chia seeds and think chia pasta would be awesome!

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