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Simple Baby Zucchini Parmesan Sticks

on July 3, 2012

These are as simple as simple can be.  I LOVE the flavor.  I broiled them but you can also grill them if you’d like.   I didn’t do the best job of capturing how ADORABLE these baby zucchini are!!  They are so much smaller than the regular size zucchini but they have a similar taste.  This recipe can also be made with regular zucchini as well.  I like to make this simple side dish for entertaining b/c it looks fancy but it is ridiculously SIMPLE! And at 40 calories per serving, what’s not to like?  I mean LOVE???

Simple Baby Zucchini Parmesan Sticks

**Makes 4 servings**


      1 cup of sliced baby zucchini (or regular zucchini sliced)
      1 tbsp shaved parmesan cheese
      misto sprayer filled with oil of your choice
      Non-stick cooking spray


You can’t really tell but these are baby zucchinis.  I should have put something next to the bowl for scale, but just so you know, that is a condiment dipping bowl!  They are so cute (and small!)

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, then coat with some non-stick cooking spray.
Place the zucchini slices out on the pan, then spritz them with the misto sprayer.
Sprinkle on the parmesan cheese and then pop it in the oven.
Broil for a few minutes – until the cheese starts to brown. These are a great snack or side dish any time of the year 🙂

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/4 of recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 40 Calories from Fat 34
Total Fat 3.8g
Saturated Fat 0.7g
Cholesterol 1mg
Sodium 24mg
Total Carbohydrates 1.0g
Protein 0.8g


One response to “Simple Baby Zucchini Parmesan Sticks

  1. yummy my kids LOVE zucchini, this would be a great snack!

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