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~Cantaloupe Peach Chia Fresca~ Guest Blogger, Full Belly Sisters

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Cantaloupe Peach Chia Fresca

by Justine Fontinell, CHC, AADP, Full Belly Sisters

Chia Fresco is a delicious Mexican drink: it’s lemonade or limeade with chia seeds added. These seeds add a nice texture, as well as protein, calcium, fiber and omega-3s. They also have wonderful hydrating power: when chia seeds are put into liquid, they swell and hold on to that liquid. That means you stay hydrated longer.

Sometimes Chia Fresco is made with fruit; it’s usually blended and then strained, retaining only the juice. I like to use the whole fruit because (1) it’s more nutritious and filling, since you’re keeping the nutrients in the fruit’s flesh and skin and (2) I’m a busy mom and I don’t need to add any unnecessary steps to my kitchen routine!

This golden, fruity version—featuring ripe cantaloupe and peaches—is tasty, simple, and packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium and beta carotene. In other words: it’s a great, healthful way to kick off your day!

I don’t add any sweetener to mine. But if your fruit isn’t particularly sweet, you can replace some of the water with orange juice, or just add a bit of honey or agave, to taste.


Yield: about 3 1/2 cups

  • 1 ½ Tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 ¼ cup water
  • juice of one lime
  • 2 cups ripe cantaloupe chunks
  • 1 cup ripe peaches, pitted (about 1 large or 2 smaller peaches)

Put the chia, water and lime juice in a glass and stir. Let this sit for about ten minutes, until it thickens. Stir again to break up the gel a bit. Then add all ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth. Enjoy!

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Deviled Egg Spread~ Guest Post by Ann from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

I am THRILLED to have Ann from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen here as our guest blogger today!!  I am a HUGE fan and absolutely love Ann’s recipes and her blog.  She is a true inspiration!

Take it away Ann….. 🙂

I am the wife of a great guy I have known since I was four and the mom of two fabulous boys…as well as a dog and four chickens.  As a young girl,  I developed a love of cooking working alongside my grandmother in the original Fountain Avenue kitchen.  I currently write for a local magazine and newspaper, and when I’m not cooking, running carpools, or folding laundry, I enjoys squeezing in a run, a swim, a yoga class, or a good book!

Deviled Egg Spread


Deviled eggs are favorite picnic and cookout fare in my family.  My sister-in-law, Mary, and my mom make the best ones!  This deviled egg spread is a fun twist on the traditional stuffed egg and, as such, serves as a perfect light lunch or dinner.  I like it for breakfast, too!

My favorite way to eat it is spread on whole grain bread, which has been toasted until it is crunchy, with a side of vine-ripened tomatoes. As an option, serve alongside your favorite seasonal greens or in a hollowed-out tomato.  Serve as bruschetta with some diced tomato on top for an excellent hors d’oeuvres option.

Deviled Egg Spread:

6 hard-boiled eggs

2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt (I typically use 2% Chobani)

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

dash of Worcestershire sauce

kosher or sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

optional toppings or mix-ins:  chopped greens olives, avocado, fresh basil or dill

Toasted whole-grain bread (or bead of choice) or tomatoes for serving



Slice the eggs in half, remove the yolks, and place the yolks in a mixing bowl.  (Keep the whites on the cutting board.)

Mash the yolks, then add the yogurt, mayonnaise, Dijon, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper.

Chop the egg whites, add to the bowl along with the optionals add-ins, and stir to combine.

Spread the mixture over toast or stuff into a hollowed-out tomato, on cucumber rounds, or whatever else sounds good to you.  Top with optional garnishes, as desired.


This recipe can easily be doubled and will last several days stored, covered, in the refrigerator

Thank you so much Ann for sharing this delicious recipe with us!

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Strawberry Kale Protein Smoothie

I love smoothies.  They are so versatile and easy and filling and healthy. I seriously could go on and on but I think you get the picture 🙂

So today I made a Strawberry Kale Protein Smoothie…check it out…

Nope, not the prettiest drink (even in my martini glass) but it certainly was delicious!!

Strawberries-  These yummy berries are packed with Vitamin C, fiber, potassium and folate.  They are also filled with antioxidants that may help fight cancer and lower your risk for heart disease.  Strawberries are among the Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s dirty dozen list for produce with the most amount of pesticides.  So buy organic strawberries whenever you have the opportunity.  Better yet, take advantage of your farmers markets and BUY LOCAL! (I used frozen strawberries for the smoothie)

Kale-  This powerhouse green vegetable really does live up to its name! Get this, kale is packed with fiber, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  (See I told you it was THAT good for you!)

Almond Milk- This dairy free milk has a hint of sweetness and the creaminess of regular milk.  It has a slightly nutty flavor (shocking since it is made from ALMONDS).  Almond milk may not have as much protein as regular milk, but it is loaded with Vitamin E and is also low in fat and sugar.  I use Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

Protein Powder- I love adding protein powders to smoothies. They come in different flavors, textures and brands.  I used Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder for this smoothie which is a brown rice protein.  Brown Rice Protein is an easy, gentle, allergy free powder that works great in smoothies!   Use whatever kind you like,but I do think the vanilla flavor gives a really nice taste.

Blend them all up and enjoy!  Super healthy and ridiculously EASY! 🙂